Vision & objectives

Mission is a general statement of how you will achieve your vision.


  • To provide comprehensive care for the treatment of surgical diseases afflicting the various components of the nervous system.
  • The most sophisticated surgical approach and technology is adopted to treat patients.
  • To provide consistent, high quality and compassionate care to neurosurgical patients.
  • To provide the contemporary and cutting-edge latest treatment options at the doorstep which is available only at a few centres across the country. The Functional Neuromodulation surgery, Neurovascular and Endovascular surgery, Advanced Tumour surgery and “Key-Hole” Brain surgery are some of them in the portfolio of services provided exclusively.
  • Every individual should have access to all latest neurosurgical facilities available worldwide with ‘Evidence Based’ approach of care and not the age-old treatment options generally prevalent.
  • Besides advanced surgical care empathetic and humanitarian approach to who seek medical attention is equally important.
  • Ethical trait of practice with crystal clear communication during the course of treatment to be of paramount consideration.
  • Commitment to provide world class contemporary treatment, best possible results and humane touch towards the patients’ care.
  • Final goal of achieving complete patient satisfaction in all aspects of care.


  • Comprehensive care of neurosurgical patients using updated knowledge in the field and contemporary surgical approach.
  • Make the best in the world treatment options available with application of international experience and collaboration
  • Provide best possible results of global benchmark standards
  • Addition of empathy, ethicality, transparency and true communication in the course of care

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We are here to make your brain, and spine healthy and normal like others.