1. Predictors and outcome of rebleed in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage before surgical or endovascular intervention: Thesis
  2. Quality of life and cognitive outcome in long term survivors of glioblastoma: Thesis
  3. A comparison between closed tube drain versus corrugated open drain in cases of laparotomies: Thesis
  4. A Study on “HIV and AIDS Awareness in Rural Areas” was conducted in association with dept. of PSM as a part of IRAAP (Intensive Rural AIDS Awareness Program) in 2007
  5. A Study on “Hospital Quality Control” in Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad in 2005


  1. A young functional neurosurgeon’s experience in setting up a DBS program (Faculty presentation Stereocon 2022)
  2. Post Traumatic Ganglio-capsular Hemorrhage: Where do we stand? (Faculty presentation AANSIM 2019)
  3. Necrotising Fasciitis after spine surgery – Creation of impending doom by the flesh-eating demon which gets under the skin (Podium presentation ICCN 2019)
  4. Traumatic basal ganglia bleed: An analysis of 38 cases and review of the literature with emphasis on pathomechanics (Runner-up Award Poster in WFNS 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  5. Predictors and outcome of rebleed in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage before surgical or endovascular intervention – interim results (Award paper in Neurovascon 2014)
  6. Os Omovertebrale- A rare complex congenital abnormality and association with other shoulder abnormalities (Poster in Spine 2014)


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